Black Horse Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Historically, horses were seen as sacred animals that were worshipped and revered. In some cultures, they were even seen as gods. The horse is a figure in various folklore, mythology, and history, where it’s known to have helped humans travel along difficult and tiresome paths.

Today, humans use horses for companionship, sport, and working animals. Horses can also develop strong bonds with humans as they thrive in social settings, which is why they are often used in animal-assisted therapy.

dreaming of a black horse

Carl Jung thought that dreaming of a horse is connected to our “natural force” of life and represents the power and courage we hold.

However, dreaming of a black horse can have several meanings. In this article, we will go through the different meanings depending on the specifics of the dream.

Black Horse Symbolism in Dreams

Here’s a look at the symbolism of black horse dreams.

1. Death

In the past, horses have often been connected with death and perceived as scary. Death as a symbol doesn’t always mean dying in the literal sense.

Instead, it can mean the death of a difficult situation, a toxic friendship or relationship, or an unhealthy habit. This can be a good thing because you’re closing one door and beginning a new chapter.

If you’re dreaming about a horse, it could mean that you should take a shot in the dark, and not worry about the outcome of things.

2. Power

When people think about a black horse, they often see it as wilder than other horses. Their disobedient and wild behavior shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, because it symbolizes power.

Being wild means getting over our worry about what others will think or any lack of confidence we might have. Thanks to their wild nature, horses can overcome many challenges thrown their way and achieve their goals without giving up.

If you dream of a black horse, it might mean that you have the power in you to tackle any issues that come your way.

3. Domination

Alongside power, a black horse in your dreams could mean domination. You might feel inspired to express your leadership qualities. A dream like this could mean that you should be on the lookout for a different leadership position that will open to you, and prepare ahead.

4. Mystery

As we mentioned, black horses often have unpredictable behavior, which is why they’re considered mysterious by many people. A black horse might be an indicator that there will be a great mystery in life.

5. Determination

Due to the nature of black horses, dreaming about them can be a sign of determination. If you’re having a hard time focusing on getting things done, you should trust that you will be strong enough to make it to the end.

Believe in yourself so that you can achieve every goal you set for yourself and be determined that you will succeed at all costs.

6. Hope

Dreaming of a black horse is believed to be a sign of hope. Especially if you take into consideration the biblical meaning of horses which we’re going to talk about later, this interpretation makes a lot of sense.

Whether you’re going through a hardship or struggling to keep your faith alive, dreaming of a black horse is a sign of hope. It means that you should be optimistic and full of faith and that you’ll overcome the difficult situation you’re facing.

7. Paying Attention to Others

A black horse could signify that you’re becoming too self-obsessed, which has led to the deterioration of your relationships with other people.

If in your dreams you see a black horse playing with another horse, this could mean that you aren’t spending a lot of time with your family and that you should make more space for them.

The message of this dream is that you should be more mindful of the people in your life and give them the attention they deserve.

8. Moving On

You might have had some experiences in your past that didn’t go exactly how you planned them. Dreaming of a black horse might be a sign that you should move on.

The past can’t be changed and dwelling on it will only cause negative emotions. This is why you need to pull yourself together and continue.

These events might be financial loss, a tough breakup, or the death of someone close to you. However, no matter how negative the experience is, you should learn from it and focus on the present.

Replaying old events in your head and obsessively worrying about them is very unhelpful for your well-being.

9. Victory

A black horse symbolizes victory. For instance, if you’re having any inner battles with your fears, dreaming of a horse means you’ll overcome them. The universe is working alongside you to give you the inner strength to win and is supporting your battles.

10. Good Luck

Seeing a dark horse means that you’re going to enjoy your day. The horse is a symbol of good luck and it appeared in your dreams to give you guidance about your day. Besides symbolizing good luck, a black horse also symbolizes lucky money.

11. Courage

Nothing scares a black horse. Others might think it’s crazy when the truth is it’s just courageous. A lot of people that have a horse as a spirit animal identify courage as one of their key characteristics.

If you see a black horse in your dreams, it could mean that you should take a courageous and bold action just like the horse.

12. Rebirth

Historically, horses have been known to symbolize the search for enlightenment and rebirth. Horses possess amazing intuition which gives them the ability to see themselves objectively and recognize the things they don’t like.

After removing certain fears, things, or people from your life, the process of your rebirth will begin. By removing any negative energy you’re feeling around you, you’ll end up on the other side as a winner, feeling a lot happier and more satisfied.

If you’re dreaming about a black horse, it can mean that you’re ready for your rebirth and that you’ll end up as a better version of yourself once the process is over.

13. Transformation

When something is no longer serving a horse, they’re not afraid to let go. After they cut this thing out, they can transform into something else.

A black horse in your dreams could mean letting go of the things that aren’t beneficial to you, which will open the way to your transformation.

Specific Black Horse Dream Meanings

Specific Black Horse Dream Meanings

The meaning of the dream also depends on what the black horse is doing in the dream. Following are a few scenarios that include black horses and their meaning.

1. Riding a Black Horse

This dream is a sign that your ego is holding too much power over you and that your way of thinking is selfish. Your relationships with your friends and family are suffering because of it.

Having this dream means you should take better care of your close ones because they’re one of the most important things in life.

2. Being a Black Horse

Dreaming that you’re the black horse means that the mysteries of your life are slowly being revealed to you and that you gradually understand what’s happening in your world.

After having this dream, you might feel motivated to find the root of your current problem and work towards resolving them.

3. Dream of Black Horse Racing

Black horse racing means that you’re moving too fast to be able to see the results of your work. This dream cautions you not to rush through your projects because you can make careless mistakes.

For instance, if you rush through your tasks, your project may become unsustainable and weak. In addition, it will kill your productivity and you might risk burnout.

4. Dream of a Black Horse in Your Home

This dream is often dreamt by people whose families lack direction and order. Dreaming of a black horse in your home means you should lead the way and try to help your family and solve the challenges you’re collectively facing.

5. Dream of an Angry Black Horse

When you dream about an angry dark horse, this is a sign that you’re going to have to battle something inside you that’s been haunting you for a long time.

Even though it might take a lot of strength and determination to defeat this demon, the struggle will be worth it.

If you dream of taming an angry black horse, this means that you’ve found everything you need to get rid of the wrong and confusing things in your soul.

6. Dream of a Dead Black Horse

Dreaming about a dead black horse means that something or someone is missing from your life. Pay more attention to the people around you and fill that empty space you’re feeling with good energy.

Biblical Meanings of Horse Dreams

When talking about the symbolism of a horse, it is also essential to point out the Biblical meaning of the horse too. When a horse was seen during the Biblical times, it was a sign that war is beginning.

Horses also represent committed faith in God and courage, which can be seen in Job 39:19-22. There, horses provided Job with the strength to keep going and overcome the obstacles he was facing.

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Final Thoughts

The horse is a majestic animal and embodies the power of endurance, freedom, and independence. When seeing a horse, people feel like they can float into movement and adventure and free themselves from their limitations.

Dreaming of a black horse could mean many things, including hope, mystery, power, and so on. It all depends on the details of the dream. That being said, we hope that our article will help you interpret your black horse dream.

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